Hi guys! Im a 24yr old Eastern European boy living in BANGKOK. I made this blog because im a deepthroat lover! I love being gagged and choked! Love your spit all over my face!

If you want to contact me (Skype: fulemont) and just say hi, or send me some pix I can post here or give me some tips how to make the site better (or you just wanna gag my mouth ;-) then click HERE or just submit your post by clicking on "Submit post".

And dont forget! Cocksucking isn’t just a way of life. It’s pretty much a religious experience.

All content on this website (gagfag.tumblr.com) was found on the internet. I do not hold any rights over any of the content. If any picture found here belongs to you, please email me and I will remove it immediately.

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